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Mortgage Rates - Getting the Best Rate for You

Wilmington NC real estate
Posted by Terry Thompkins on January 22, 2018 in  mortage 101  real estate  wilmington nc real estate
After you get a comfort zone about shopping for a mortgage, start looking for Wilmington NC real estate online ~ www.tthompkins.seacoastrealty.com 1. Compare Mortgage Companies 2. Float Down Financial products introduced recently will lower your rate if market rates fall, but won't raise it if rates creep up again. 3. Quick Close If you can settle on your loan quickly (say, 30 days or less), some lenders will agree to shave percentage points off your rate. 4. Lock In If you fear rates are going to rise, lock in ear... read more
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READY TO BUY? 8 Inside Tips Every Buyer Must Know To Win In Today’s Market

Wilmington NC Real Estate
Posted by Terry Thompkins on November 06, 2017 in  home buying  wilmington nc real estate
8 Inside Tips Every Buyer Must Know To Win In Today’s Market So you’ve finally decided to buy your next home. Problem is, while you were making up your mind, other fence sitters jumped into the home market too. Now you may be facing some competition for the best properties. What to do? Just because there are other buyers in the market doesn’t mean you can’t come away with your dream home. But to be a successful buyer in today’s real estate market, you’re going to need help. ... read more
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For Sale By Owner? Help Here...

Wilmington NC Real Estate
Posted by Terry Thompkins on May 16, 2017 in  wilmington nc  wilmington nc real estate
NO RISK Real Estate Services!  (No Excuses, Either.) If  you have recently decided to sell your home For Sale By Owner,  it’s exciting, and a bit frightening at the same time, isn’t it?  You clean the house from top to bottom.  Maybe you even repaint some rooms.  Then you place your sign in the yard, perhaps place an ad in the local paper, and plan an open house. I wonder if your decision to sell For Sale By Owner was made due to a bad experience selling... read more
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TWO-MINUTE DRILL: Timely Tips For Short Notice

Your Home On the Market?
Posted by Terry Thompkins on May 11, 2017 in  House Showing  real estate  staging  wilmington nc real estate
It’s a seller’s worst nightmare…the sink is full of dishes, the baby is crying — and an agent calls: “We’ll be there in two minutes. I have the perfect buyer for your house.” Before that overwhelming feeling of panic sets in, don’t despair! Here’s a quick roundup of easy pick-up tips to get your house in show-time shape in minutes. Have A Game Plan Assign responsibility for each room to a family member.When the “last-minute dash” sta... read more
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